130 and 150 BBL Trailers


BBL Vacuum Trailers are used mainly to transport liquids to and from the worksite. There are many different sizes to fit the needs of the job that you need done. Our trucks offer the highest quality of power to remove solids, liquids, slurries, and powders from hard to reach places. We guarantee the most innovative technology, a way to handle the toughest jobs, superior air flow and to save you time money and effort. 740 Off-Road Vacuum Truck Capacity of 6,800 gallons Hibon blower with maximum loading rate of 1,055 gallons per minute and unloading rate of 4,350 gallons per minute through the spray fan An available cold weather package adds a diesel fired coolant heater, heated valves, primary shutoff, rear door seal and cyclone. The door can be opened from the cab or ground level. Carbon steel or stainless steel tanks available Cyclone with quick access clean out and drain valve